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Niagara Children's CentreAlthough the majority of the Centre’s funding comes from the Ontario Government, there is an ongoing need to raise money for unfunded therapy positions, some operating costs, and to purchase special medical equipment that is used for treating our children.

The list of children who require treatment by Centre therapists is increasing at a rapid rate, resulting in a waiting period for children who should be receiving treatment immediately, but lack of funding does not make this possible.

Niagara Children's CentreAt the present time, there are 546 children waiting for more than 900 services (updated May 2012).  Waiting is an agonizing experience for parents and children, and so in an effort to close the significant gap between what the Centre receives in government funding and what it requires to deliver therapy service, the NCC Foundation organizes and participates in a large number of fundraising events throughout the year.

Niagara Children's Centre - DonateThe Children’s Centre Foundation has a Planned Giving Program in place. Planned Giving is a term commonly used to describe a form of gift, legally provided by the donor during his or her own lifetime. Through Planned Giving, cash or assets in the form of certificates, real, or personal property are donated by a contributor to make a gift as a trust, contract or gift annuity. There are many ways of planning an effective gift from one’s estate. Examples include a Will, Life Insurance Policy, a Gift of Property, a Special Trust Fund, an Annuity or Memorial Gifts. Planned Giving is a vehicle, which allows virtually any person from, any economic background an opportunity to financially support the Centre, and at the same time, receive tax benefits.

We recently participated in the 2nd Annual Superhero Run, click here to read the Niagara This Week Article 

To learn more visit the Niagara Children's Centre Website…


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